If you are looking for doggy daycares when you do not have anyone to dog sit for you, you are simply busy during the day, or you’ve recently moved to Austin, there are several reputable doggy daycares in the Austin area. Here is a list comprised of the top 5 doggy daycares in Austin, Texas:


1. Austin Pup Culture

This doggy daycare is a luxurious boarding and daycare location for your pup. If your dog is staying the night, different rooms are designed to look like a home so that they can feel comfortable and relaxed. There is a minimum age of 3 months / 12 weeks of the dog for overnight stays, and they also must attend a social evaluation day as a temperament test. For a standard suite, you will be charged $40/night for a single dog. There are also regular daycare hours during the day that charge $20/day for a single dog. Dog owners love Austin Pup Culture for their attentiveness and great communication.

2. Barking Hound Village (South Austin)

Barking Hound Village, on Josephine Street across from P. Terry’s, offers daycare services as well as boarding. The team working here ensures your dog gets out to play a minimum of five times a day and participates in play groups. They even have indoor play areas for bad weather occasions. For boarding care, Barking Hound Village offers accommodation for both old and young dogs, suites that are home-like, and also pet CPR and first aid certified staff. Before your dog can board, a $28 trial day of daycare is required. Prices range from dog size, breed, and length and condition of hair. Dog owners love this daycare and boarding location because staff post pictures on Facebook of your dogs during their stay so you can feel more at ease about leaving them. Also, for the affordable prices and friendly staff.

3. Happy Mailman (South Austin)

Happy Mailman is located on 2-acres and offers boarding and daycare services. The reason dog owners love this daycare is that not only do staff take care of your dog, they specialize in training them as well. There is a free behavior evaluation required before both daycare and boarding services. It is recommended to call beforehand for reservations for both daycare and boarding care. There is a $2/night charge for using Happy Mailman’s dog food. It is best to go to their website for their contact information to receive specific price ranges.

4. Southpaws Playschool for Dogs and Puppies (South Austin) South Lamar District

Southpaws offers not only daycare, but also puppy crate training, day training, behavior counseling, and obedience and manners classes. Dog owners who take their dogs here say their dogs come back friendlier and more sociable. Single day daycare payments are $28 for a single day, $250 for a ten-month package, $450 for a 20-day package, and $575 for crate training. To be eligible for this daycare, your dog must be spayed or neutered, older than six months, and non-aggressive towards people and other dogs.

5. Howl ‘N’ Woof

Howl ‘N’ Woof specializes in both training and daycare services. Dog owners love bringing their pups here because of the one-acre fenced yard which gives dogs a lot of running space. Daycare rates are $28 per day or $252 for a package of 10. Before enrolling your dog for training, there is a 30-minute behavior evaluation, and only 12 dogs are accepted for individualized attention.


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