Pets aren’t just pets. They’re part of the family. Although they can be a headache sometimes, it’s impossible to stop loving them thanks to those cute little eyes and the unique warmth they can give.

Because of this, animals and their owners are inseparable. However, when you talk about moving houses, it becomes a different issue because of complicated restrictions. Fortunately, there are a lot of moving companies in Austin that can be of aid.

Pet-Friendly Moving Companies in Austin

Relocating and moving your items is daunting by itself. All the more if you have pets with you. But there’s an easy solution to that – pet-friendly movers. When relocating in Central Texas, try these pet-friendly Austin moving companies that can take special care of your beloved pet.

All My Sons Moving and Storage

You’ll never find yourself scratching your head when hiring this company in West Lake Hills. Whether moving locally or long distances, they are fit for the job. With All My Sons Moving and Storage, you won’t ever have to do a thing when relocating – from packing to loading and unloading to unpacking. They can do it all for you. Moving with pets? That’s a no-brainer. This company knows how to deal with them properly, so they don’t get anxious during the move.

Not a Hobby Moving

If you’re talking about the best movers in West Austin, you’ll most probably hear someone mention the name Not a Hobby Moving. They’re respectable movers in the area with top-notch services. What’s more, they’re not limited to just moving your items. The company can also help you transfer with pets. They understand that relocating is a lot more stressful for animals. Thus they give special attention to your pets to ensure them a comfortable move.

Two Men and a Truck

This company takes it upon itself to surpass the customer’s expectations during every move. As proof, Two Men and a Truck has maintained its excellent reputation since it opened its doors in 2007. However, as if their vast array of services is not enough, they collaborated with DogBoy’s Dog Ranch, extending their endeavors to move with pets. To make it better, DogBoy’s Dog Ranch is an expert with 25 years of experience in the field.

Simpler Moving

Simple is the word when moving with this company. You’ll love its work ethic, which is centered around hard work, respect, reliability, and transparency. Regardless of whether you’re a commercial or residential customer, or even contending with several flights of stairs, Simpler Moving can make your move happen for you with ease. And if you’re moving with pets, they can help you prepare your furbabies for a relaxing move with them.

Pet Moving Services

Pet-friendly moving companies are good. But pet-exclusive movers are better. If you have enough budget and time, have a look at these pet moving companies in Austin.

Starwood Animal Transport

When you talk about experience in the industry, it’s hard to beat Starwood Animal Transport that’s been moving pets safely since 1984. This company treats your pets as family. Whatever services you want, guaranteed they have it. Moving domestically or internationally? Covered. Need assistance on relevant documents for animal transport? They can help. Your pet will never feel any speck of stress as they offer quality pet boarding services and a fully dedicated, experienced crew.

Pet Van Lines

The people behind Pet Van Lines are also pet lovers who understand the value and importance of your pet. That alone will put your mind at ease. But they have more than that. Their vehicles are equipped with all the necessities that your pet might need. In addition, the room is climate-controlled and spacious, giving extra relief for your pets. The company also works with rescue animals. So handling behavioral and health issues that may come with rescue pets is not a problem. If you’re on a tight schedule, Pet Van Lines can work through it to make things more convenient for you.

This Lil’ Dog of Mine

If you’re a busy person, there will eventually come a time when you can’t attend to your pet’s needs. Luckily, you can always call on This Lil’ Dog of Mine when such a time comes. They can tend to your dog and take them to important appointments in your stead. Rest assured, your pet is completely safe and comfortable at the hands of the company from pick-up until going home. Of course, you can also ask them to move your pet to your new home locally. The best part? You can ask them for updates via text on your request.


Founded in 2004, PetRelocation has been moving thousands of pets each year locally and internationally. With over 15 years in the business, this company knows it all – from planning until arrival. They have also built a trusted network all over the globe. Customers love how the company sends timely updates about their pets, ensuring their safety throughout the trip. With the kind of expert service that you and your pet get, you’re sure to make a run out of your money.


Moving is stressful, and even more so for your pets. That’s why it’s essential to go for movers who take special care of your furbabies. For a comfortable move in Austin, consider all the moving companies that you’ve just read about or choose a company that specializes in pet relocations.

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