Auditorium Shores

December 12, 2013, Austin City Council votes 7-0 to approve improvements to Auditorium Shores.  This plan includes a $1.25m investment in the creation of a 4.7 acre off-leash shoreline play area.

Thank you to everyone who stepped in and worked so hard at trying to preserve the Auditorium Shores 18 acres off-leash experience.   Your passion, commitment and love for our park came through loud and clear in the community meetings, Facebook posts, Tweets, MeetUps, emails and phone calls.

While it’s tough to lose any fight, and everyone in Austin lost a bit of this park in this conversation, the big winner here is a tired and worn out park.

Again, a big THANK YOU to all the Friends of Austin Dog Parks.

Auditorium Shores 4.7 Acre Off-leash Shoreline Play Area.

Auditorium Shores 4.7 acre off-leash shoreline play area.

Auditorium Shores, Austin Tx

Auditorium Shores, Austin Tx

The Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) is working actively with C3 Presents (C3), the organizer of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, and with the Austin Parks Foundation (APF) on a coordinated effort to develop a facilities and operational plan for PARD’s major outdoor events venues, with emphasis upon Auditorium Shores. With the assistance of outside consultants, the team of C3, APF and PARD shall collaborate on improvements to Auditorium Shores. This collaboration will bring a renewed focus on this facility as a great urban park that can sustainably accommodate patrons, special events and community gatherings.

City of Austin – Official “Improvements” Website